New Construction Development

We provide all of the services necessary to complete any new construction development project from single family homes to large multi-family developments.

Our services included but are not limited to:

  • Conduct a thorough site survey to understand the topography, soil conditions, and any potential obstacles
  • Site preparation tasks such as land clearing, demolition, erosion control and grading.
  • We handle all the excavation, trenching, and utility work necessary to prepare for the foundation.
  •  All masonry work needed to form the footings and the foundation. Including the waterproofing of the foundation using only the top of the line new construction technology waterproofing systems.
  • Our in-house team of professional carpenters and experienced foremen handle all of our structural wood or metal framing work. 
  • Any and all M.E.P. is done by our reliable subcontractors by trade who have been with us ever since we started in the construction industry. 
  • We do our best in making sure that we can deliver a FULL TURNKEY CONSTRUCTION SERVICE EXPERIENCE to our clients. We do this by working with our client close enough to ensure that they are staying more focused on finding property deals or funding for the construction, while we stay focused on the project management, quality control, and supervision of the project.

Full-Gut Renovations

Ready to get that scary run-down property back to life? You've got the right people! Here at Mass Home Contractors we have had our fair share of making nothing into something. We have spent the last 10 years restoring old and distressed properties for investors and home owners in the heart of Somerville, and Cambridge, Massachusetts. We have been riding the multi-family development trend for a while now and we know exactly what investors are looking for and what to watch out for on these types of dangerous projects. Contractors like us are the reason real estate investors are constantly being able to buy more and more properties. Clients don't have to worry about the production on the job, the supervisors' Kayo & Ricardo Sousa have organized processes and systems in place to ensure that the project goes as planned and stays in control when problems arise. 

Construction Management

From the initial designs to the final touches, we meticulously oversee every facet of your project, ensuring a seamless journey from conception to completion. With a proactive approach ingrained in our process, we effortlessly coordinate with all stakeholders, including trades, engineers, and architects, to ensure alignment and smooth collaboration. At Mass Home Contractors, we don't just manage projects; we orchestrate experiences, turning your vision into reality one meticulous detail at a time. Trust us to navigate the complexities of construction management with finesse, bringing your dreams to life effortlessly. Experience the difference of true turnkey construction service with Mass Home Contractors—where your vision becomes our mission.

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